Medical Case Management

Helping injured workers heal with best-in-class medical case management

Everyone has an interest in helping injured workers heal and get back to work. Our industry-best case managers help patients get the right care and get back on their feet fast.

  • Collaborate with patient and medical professionals to identify the best course of course
  • Educate patients and their families so they can make the best care choices
  • Return fully-recovered employees to work as quickly as possible
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Bill Review

With the increasing cost of medical care, our bill review services help to ensure the best care in the most cost effective way. Place powerful web-based reviewing software in the hands of professional coders and reviewers

  • Combine extensive bill review experience with our state of the art web-based software package to deliver the best results
  • Research and negotiate all available treatment discounts
  • Adapt to various technology systems to integrate seamlessly with our clients, including EDI and document management
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Disability Management

Practicing an integrated approach to short- and long-term disability management

Adjusting to life with a disability is a difficult time. We provide assistance with understanding disability, coping with change, and making adjustments to maximize independence.

  • Assess the likelihood that disability claims or family leave will be a part of recovery process
  • Process claims with optimal reconciliation of benefits and reimbursements
  • Counsel injured workers and their families on life care planning
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Vocational Rehabilitation

Guiding patients back to making a living with vocational rehabilitation

Some injured workers are unable to return to the same job and face an uncertain future. We help workers and their families explore job options and plan for the future.

  • Evaluate workplace injuries that may result in workers being unable to return to the same job
  • Survey labor markets for new employment opportunities
  • Collaborate with physicians, trainers and job professionals to help injured workers find a new place in the work force
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“The Great Trade Off” - A History of Workers’ Compensation

An interesting history of the development of Workers Compensation created by students at Nimitz High School, Houston Texas, for a National History Day contest. 2008.

Note: this video contains images that may be disturbing.

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